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Website to celebrate employees’ success

(Some details have been changed or obscured for privacy reasons, as this website is for internal use.)

The Sytner Group recognise their employees’ hard work with the Making it Special awards. This is an employee of the month award for those who go the extra mile to make the experience special for their customers.

The website featured here recognises members of Sytner’s JLRVS division (Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo). We have created similar websites for the Sytner VWG division (Audi and Volkswagen) and Sytner Specialist division (includes Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and Porsche).

We built the site in WordPress, developing a unique WordPress theme that uses custom posts for nominations. WordPress’ ability as a content management system made it perfect for this job.

JLRVS Making it Special webiste on a laptop
Making it Special logo
The client wanted it to look luxurious and celebratory, so we used the Oscars as an influence when designing the website and logo.
JLRVS Making it Special website on a mobile
The site is fully responsive, so it can be used on mobiles and tablets as well as laptops.
JLRVS Making it Special homepage
Sytner JLRVS Making it Special website homepage.
JLRVS Making it Special March 2019 nominations
Nominations are grouped by the month they were submitted for; this page shows the nominations for March 2019. There is a link to the last month’s nominations in the homepage.
Making it Special website header
There are links in the website’s header so you can see nomination’s filtered by month or by dealership. A search field allows you to search for a nominee by name.
Making it Special website footer
There are links in the website’s footer so employees can see all months and dealerships that have nominations.

Picking a winner for the division

Every three months a winner is picked from the nominations. At the end of the quarter, the administrator logs in to the website’s admin area and adds the winning nomination to the winner’s category by simply selecting a checkbox.

The nomination shows in the sidebar automatically once it has been added to the winner’s category.

JLRVS Making it Special winner
A winner post, with the winner’s badge that is automatically added to a nomination once it has been added to the winner’s category.

Online form for submissions

A form is accessed via a direct link by the Head of Businesses to submit their dealership’s chosen nomination. The form submits nominations to the website’s database, so they appear in the WordPress admin area.

Nominations are then checked by the administrator before being published on the site. This keeps maintenance to a minimum.

JLRVS Making it Special nomination suggestion form
This suggestion form is used by all employees to submit suggestions for nominations to their Head of Business. It uses conditional functionality to send the form to a different email address depending on the dealership that has been selected from the drop-down.
JLRVS Making it Special nomination form
The Making it Special nomination form has required form fields, so the Head of Business can’t submit an incomplete nomination.
JLRVS Making it Special nomination league
This nomination league is used by the administrator to track who has submitted their nomination. It has a column that lists dealerships who haven’t submitted nominations yet, one that lists nominations that are waiting in the database for approval, one that lists nominations that have been rejected and one that lists the nominations that have been approved and are live on the website.

Long service awards

There is a section to celebrate employees’ long service if they’ve worked for the company for over 10 years. This works in the same way as the nominations, with posts submitted via an online form.

JLRVS Making it Special long service awards
Long service awards section.

Giving something back

There is also a section for the dealerships to share their charitable activities. Donations are automatically totalled up and shown in a table.

JLRVS Making it Special giving back section
Giving back section to show the division’s charitable activities.

What can we offer you?

We tailor the service we offer to each division – for example, for Sytner’s VWG division we also proof-read each nomination for them. So what is it you need?

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