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Website for a pond design company

Swim Ponds website

Ponds by Michael Wheat in Leicester are firmly established around the UK as experts in pond building.

As swim ponds have become more popular in the UK, Ponds by Michael Wheat want to explore this market. Swim ponds combine the beauty of a natural pond with the practicality of a swimming pool.

Ponds by Michael Wheat hired Hive of Design to create a microsite for their swim ponds range. We designed and built a custom WordPress theme for the website.

The biggest problem is communicating how a swim pond works, which we knew from the start would need to be done visually. To do this, our designer used a clever blend of existing imagery and CGI to create a new image.

edited of a swim pond

To bring the swim pond to life further, the information on the home page of the website floats onto the screen. Play the video to see this in action.

We designed a range of water-themed icons for the home page.

icons designed for the swim ponds website
swim ponds website home page

The website pages look clean and fresh. The minimalist design means the site looks great whether it’s viewed on a desktop screen or a smartphone.

There is a clear call-to-action on each page, which encourages website visitors to get in touch.

swim ponds website page

View the live site at swimponds.co.uk

It didn’t take long to provide a return on investment for the client, with swim pond projects booked shortly after the website launch.

In addition to this, The Sunday Times and promotion material for the Chelsea Flower Show has featured the company.

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