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Alicorn Digital website on an iPhone

Website, logo and branding for business consultants

Alicorn Digital is a digital transformation consultancy and Salesforce partner in London. They hired Hive of Design to refresh their brand and build a new website.

Services Hive of Design provided: Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, UX Design, Website Design, Custom WordPress Theme, Website Hosting.

Alicorn Digital logo

Hive of Design redesigned Alicorn Digital’s logo. The parallelogram (skewed rectangle) represents data in a business processes chart (mapping out processes within a business forms a large part of the services that Alicorn Digital provides). The negative space in the middle forms the ā€˜Aā€™ and the semicircle shape forms a ā€˜Dā€™.

The dark theme differentiates the company from its competitors (who use a lot of white). It is inspired by the increasing popularity of dark-mode. The grey colours have been chosen to represent the corporate world of Alicorn Digital’s clients, with one stand-out green colour to represent the vibrance of the digital age.

Consistency is the key to successful branding so after Hive of Design designed the company’s branding we created shareable brand guidelines.

The website is designed in a mobile-first way because of the increasing popularity of smartphones.

Play the video to see the live home page on a desktop screen.
The call-to-action (CTA) is the first thing the visitor sees. This is good if they know about the company already (for example they have heard about them from a friend or colleague).
The next section links to the website’s main pages, so there’s no reason to open the main menu on a smartphone.
Showing noteworthy clients builds trust. Hive of Design created monochrome versions of the logos to create cohesion and make the section look less messy. The hover effect used in this section is fine as the text isn’t essential, so it’s OK if the visitor doesn’t reveal it with their mouse.
The company’s process is shown with the icons that Hive of Design designed to match the new branding.
Testimonials and reviews also build trust.
The CTA is at the bottom of all pages. We left the company’s address in this section because their location is a USP.
If the visitor hasn’t found what they’re looking for yet there are links in the footer to all the important pages and sections.
Alicorn solutions page
Solutions provided by Alicorn Digital.
Alicorn services page
Services provided by Alicorn Digital.
Alicorn about page
About Alicorn Digital.
Alicorn industry page
An example of one of the industry sectors provided by that Alicorn Digital service.

Alicorn Digital’s industry sectors are diverse but can all be connected through using a consistent image style. Hive of Design chose photos that were slightly abstract so they didn’t look like the typical cheesy stock images.