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New car offer email for Audi

We’ve created over 200 responsive emails for Sytner Audi.

We usually use a more concept-driven image, but used a direct approach here as customers tend to only skim-read their emails (and the offers were strong). To show the customers the varied range of models they could pick from, a combined photos of cars were combined to create one image. In order to encourage enquiries, only one call-to-action (CTA) was used.

The emails went out on a Thursday afternoon and received 353 enquiries in the first two and a half hours, with nearly 800 enquiries over the weekend. The client was thrilled with this unprecedented conversion rate.

New car offer email for Audi cover
New car offer email for Audi mobile

The email is coded using inline HTML, compatible with Outlook 2013. It is mobile-friendly as many Audi customers check the emails on their iPhone.

New car offer email for Audi outlook

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