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Logo for marketing services

Sarah Challis, the owner of Challis Marketing, specialises in marketing services for engineering companies.

Sarah had asked a freelance graphic designer to create her logo, resulting in the following issues:

  • Old style font and generic cat symbols had no relevance to her business and services.
  • The colours were dull and uninspiring.
  • Too embarrassed to approach larger clients.
Old Challis logo
Sarah Challis’ old logo.


We took the letter “C” from the company name and experimented with it to represent the following:

  • A computer power button, recognisable to Sarah’s typical client.
  • A ripple effect, showing how a small marketing action can grow a business.
  • A maze, as businesses quite often find it difficult to find their way around marketing.

Hive of Design are exceptional creative designers with clear business acumen. The team took on the re-design of my company logo and provided three insightful designs with solid reasoning behind each one. The final logo is absolutely perfect for my business, thank you Hive for your work!

Sarah Challis at Challis Marketing
Challis Branding Identity MockUp

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