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Logo a consultant


The Problem

Chris Spires is a consultant that owns Conexusion. He uses his wealth of business management experience to advise CEOs on various aspects of running a business.

His logo had the following problems:

  • Generic image that had been found on the web.
  • Poor quality and blurred image.
  • Not representative of what he does.
  • Didn’t attract the right calibre of clients.
Old logo Conexusion

Client Brief

  • Create a bespoke logo with a corporate style.
  • Use more conservative colours.
  • Highlight the word ‘nexus’, which means connecting things together.


The Solution

Due to Chris being a high-level consultant to corporate organisations within the automotive industry, it was important for him to attract the right client and to produced a bespoke logo that couldn’t be found anywhere on the internet.

The new logo achieves this through the following:

  • Highlights the word Nexus with a metal effect to represent prestige automotive.
  • The custom drawn lettering appears connected, almost like links in a chain.
  • A dark blue was chosen, a very popular corporate colour.


Chris really likes his new corporate image and is looking to work with us again in the future.

Conexusion new logo

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