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Free images you would actually want to use in your marketing material

In this post, we share our list of websites that you can use to find free images. 

Free images

Disclaimer: Hive of Design is not the owner of any of these website resources and are not responsible for the use of them or any images downloaded from them.

In an ideal world, you’d hire a photographer or illustrator to create all your images. But a lot of the time budgets only stretch to stock images. Stock images are images that are supplied for public use under a license.

If you found an image using Google Search, you probably don’t have the right to use it. The websites in this post are places you can download free images that you’re allowed to use on your website or other marketing material.

Tips for using stock images

  • Check the licence for each image you download to make sure it covers what you want to use it for.
  • You can see who else is using the image online with a reverse image search using Google Search (instructions here).
  • Free images can be just as good as expensive stock photos, but keep in mind that it can take longer to find a good free image.

Stock photo directories

For free photos, we recommend using the Unsplash image library at unsplash.com.

Unsplash website
You can get good natural-looking free stock photos from Unsplash.

You can also download free stock photos from these websites:

Another way to find images is to use the advanced search on Flickr to find photos that can be used for commercial use. 

Icon directories

For free icons, we recommend using the Font Awesome library at fontawesome.com. The websites we build are usually already compatible with Font Awesome.

FontAwesome website
FontAwesome has a big library of icons that you can use on your website for free.

You can also download free vector illustrations and icons from these websites:

Choosing the right image

Our team at Hive of Design have spent many years matching the right images to the right purpose. We do charge for the time we spend finding the best image for you, but sometimes your time is better spent being an expert in what you do – whether that’s marketing your organisation or building your business.

If you’d like one of our team to find the right image for you, get in touch.

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